Students at the ICC have three basic options for accomodations

  1. Homestay - Staying with a local family is an excellent way to fully immerse in Mexican culture and practice your Spanish.
  2. Apartment rental - If you prefer an independent housing, we can assist you in finding a suitable apartment in Oaxaca. The classifieds section of The Oaxaca Times is an excellent resource for short-term and long-term apartment listings to suit all budgets.
  3. Hotel/Hostel

More about homestays

A homestay offers a wonderful opportunity practice your Spanish and experience the Mexican way of life. Families provide comfortable private rooms as well as daily meals, giving you a chance to sample authentic Mexican cuisine.


Please note that Mexican families will serve food at different times than you are used at home. Host families try their best to accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions, however it is recommendable to try to adjust to the lifestyle of the host family in order to get deeper understanding of the Mexican culture.

Breakfast (desayuno) is quite nutritious meal served around 8:00 a.m. It can consist of eggs, beans (frijoles), tortillas and coffee.

Lunch (comida) is the biggest meal of the day, served usually between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Dinner (cena) is a lighter dish, smaller than dinners in the US or Europe. It is served around 8 p.m.

Homestay fees:

Breakfast $25 USD / Night
Breakfast/Comida $29 USD / Night
Three meals $32 USD / Night


“As an advanced student of Spanish, I have to look carefully for language schools that can help me, so I was delighted to find that the instruction in ICC was so in-depth. Because of the school’s association with the Oaxaca Times, the staff are a well-informed resource for what goes on in this beautiful city.”

- Jim Innocent

United States

“Their approach of practicing speaking Spanish all the time while using correct grammar worked so much better for me than my first school's approach of many hours of learning grammar and then speaking for only part of class.”

- Tim Wang,
United States

"The spanish classes at the ICC were great. They were the perfect balance of educational, informative and fun. The teaching was very professional and personal and the atmosphere was just right. We highly recommend the ICC to anyone who wants to learn Spanish!"

- Jonathan Thaw (April 2012)

"The teaching staff at ICC is fantastic.  The classes were organized to facilitate real life conversations, which was exactly the practice I needed. The school is also located in a great part of the city, close to the heart of centro historico.  I plan to return."

-Marla Renn

Vancouver, Canada

“The ICC's classes focus on practical Spanish. It helped me better understand what people say and what they mean... and in turn helped me to become more fluent, not just linguistically, but culturally.”

- Marie O'Brien,
United States

“Probably my favourite time at the ICC was the excursions. Yolanda (the director) took us personally on tours of the surrounding pueblitas, showing us the specific hand crafts that each town specialized in, often including a demonstration of the traditional methods the still use.”

- Tim Wang,
United States

“I was pleased with the flexibility of the school to meet my needs – they designed an advanced class appropriate for my language level, met me at the airport despite flight complications, and organized excursions based on the sights I wanted to see in Oaxaca Valley.”

- Sarah Roggero,
United States